Monday Morning Quarterbacks Cheat

Lesson of the Day: Monday morning quarterbacks are right, but they cheat. Here is why… Key Points: 1.) New hire lunch 2.) PIA feedback 3.) Ward meeting

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If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Lesson of the Day:   Doing my own personal PIA. Decision-making changes with the more information we have. We base decisions in the moment with what we have.  Key Points: 1.) Team driven ladder drill 2.) Two-line first in fire 3.) Ask for help

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The Beginners Guide For Brotherhood Coachings Purpose

Episode: “The Beginners’ Guide For Brotherhood Coaching’s Purpose” Welcome to the The Brotherhood Coaching Show. In this episode, n/a and I discuss Using Brotherhood Coaching to help you stay into the job. So if you want to stay engaged, be satisfied, and stay in the fight against negativity and complacency so you can how to…

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