OFC 2020 Recap

Lesson of the Day: We tend to do things the easiest way possible. To get more effort, create an environment where more effort is needed.  Key Points: 1.) 5 – 10 – 20 Presentation 2.) Podcast Feedback 3.) Big Takeaway

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Consistency Is Key

Lesson of the Day: Consistency is key. We like to know what to expect and start looking forward to it. Stay consistent to get lasting change.  **Daily agendas and cooking.** Key Points: 1.) Probies Here 2.) Crew Lead Training 3.) Thanks For The Effort  

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Tick Tock

Lesson of the Day: Our level of effort is in direct relationship with our level of satisfaction.  More Effort = More Satisfcation Little Effort = Little Satisfaction Why do families grow strong? EFFORT   Key Points: 1.) Hose With Recruits 2.) Tiller Time 3.) What is your time worth?

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