It’s not something we do… it’s who we are…

As a firefighter, you spend a third of your life in the firehouse. But it’s not the station that makes the success – it’s the crew. From personality clashes to basic disagreements, time pressures, stress and beyond, producing a dependable winning team is no easy feat when you’re trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Join Capt. John Lovato, Jr. as he walks you through the seven essential tactics and strategies behind building a firehouse to be proud of, developed throughout a lengthy fire service career, strategies that will show you how to…

• overcome personal roadblocks to unlock the knowledge and skills you already have

• maximise the potential of you and your crew by recognising individual strengths

• operate consistently at peak performance, aggressively and proactively – yet safely

• increase ownership, responsibility and pride for the job throughout your firehouse

• cultivate an atmosphere of unshakeable camaraderie, support, loyalty and dedication

• …and much, much more

Packed with valuable instruction and advice, Fix Your Firehouse brings you only the best slices of wisdom extracted from John’s personal experience, esteemed mentors, and contacts within the fire service, the business world and the military.

No theories. No assumptions. Just the simple facts, skills and genuine results you need to build a reputation for excellence and a home base anyone in the service would be thrilled to transfer to.

Because it’s not just a fire station… it’s a firehouse.

This planner is for leaders who want to get the most out of their day at the firehouse. Its easy for the day to get away from you when you have all the distractions that we do. I designed this planner based on how I plan in my Firehouse. It has helped me and now I want to share it with you. The planner is setup to be universal towards most company officers. Plan your important non-negotiables while also having a spot to jot down notes from the day. This planner will help you create a more organized firehouse with better communication between shifts.