John Lovato

Succession Training at Every Level

Lets talk succession training. It always seems to be a hot topic when a bunch of firefighters get together. There is either a lack thereof or something that they always want to see happen within their departments. I see as there’s two types of succession training. There’s formal and informal. Formal is going to be at…

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Good Vs Great….Where do you fall in?

The Good vs Great Mindset frustrates many. What it is, most of you guys can relate to this, we have something called minimum standards in the fire service and most people meet minimum standards. They’re a one-year firefighter their whole career, that’s their choice. There’s others that want to master the craft and keep going on…

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Learn to overcome the learned helplessness mindset We have built a society where problems are solved by others We continue to think that we need others to solve our own problems So we wait….and wait…..and wait for this unknown person to come make all our problems go away. Meanwhile we do nothing but complain. Problems…

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