Why Aren’t The Chiefs Here

Why Aren’t The Chiefs Here

I went to a local fire conference this week.

Jim McCormack spoke about developing and delivering training.

If you do not know already,

I’m signed up to take his course “Fire Combat” in October 2020.

He talked to us a little about it.

We will respond to 35 fires in the 3 days we are there.

Thats more fires than I’ve seen in the last 3 years.

Damn, i even have to count car and dumpters fires to even get close to that.

Anyways, during the lunch break I overheard a group of firefighters state “why isn’t our chief here”.

I told them that the chief they mentioned actually said the exact same thing once years ago when he was a firefighter.

So here we have come full circle.

What can we do?

Well we can either keep repeating the process.


We can think globally and act locally.

If you truly believe (like me) that creating a training culture is important not only to the skill level of firefighters but also their morale…

….then start putting on training.

Do it in the rank you are now.

Start with trainings then build to multi company drills if other companys are willing to join.

Start that culture.

Be the leader you wish you had.

The best part is.

If you’re not sure where to start.

We have a training plan ready for you.

Its a years worth of training.

It has lesson plans and custom picked videos to help you.

Grab your copy HERE

This is how we create change.

We do it ourselves.

Now go get some!

Here’s that link again if you need to copy and paste it to get to it:


John Lovato, Jr
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