I’m reading a new book about creating better focus. do you happen to know the power of FOCUS?

Its incredible.

Follow One Course Until Successful

We are too distracted today. Being busy is not productive.

Emails are not meant to be opened immediately upon receiving them. Do you wait at your mailbox all day checking it to see if you have mail?

Social media was not intended to take away our social life.

The best way to combat all of this?

Do things in chunks.

So for email. Check it once, maybe twice a day if once isn’t enough. Use the 2-minute rule. If you can answer it or do it within 2 minutes, then do it. Otherwise, delete it or place on your to-do list with everything else.

For social media. Use that awesome feature on your phone that limits the amount of time you can be on those apps. When you get on them, do your thing, then get off. It’s like a time warp sometimes. They are addicting for a reason but we can beat it.

You can get more done in a couple of hours by focusing than you can all day letting distractions STEAL your time.

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