Create Buy In…

Create Buy In…

I posted a question this week in our facebook group. It got quite a bit of attention.

I asked:

What is your department’s professional development plan for the line personnel?

You can check it out HERE.

A common way to get people to do things is to give them a directive.
Why? Because it’s easier.

A better way to achieve a goal is to give people an experience so they understand why they should do something.

This creates a “buy in”.

If I can’t get buy in from my crew than they wont do what I ask when i’m not there.

Thats not my goal.

True development comes from having an experience that gives a person that “aha” moment so they “get it”.

This is why I feel so strongly about having some type of development program established.

Give experiences to the people on your team.

As a leader, there is either something you are doing or not doing that is causing what your team does or does not do.