Predictable Is Preventble

Predictable Is Preventble

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase predictable is preventable before. Gordon Graham talks about it. He also discusses his high frequency low risk and low frequency high risk matrix.

So how do you put in place the predictable is preventable concept in your firehouse?

I try to foster an environment where complacency does not exist.
Its quite the challenge at times.

I just started a LODD report.

Some pushback was “well this is depressing”.
My response: “Yes, so lets learn from it so it doesnt happen to us”

LODD reports help make training personal.

When I first got started in the fire service, we trained heavily on drills developed from LODD.

I attribute this to the way I approach the job today.

So this is why I plan on doing a LODD report monthly with my crew.
My end goal is to eventually assign this task to a member of the crew each month.

But I must do it first a few times to work the bugs out and make it just another thing we do.

The last thing you want to do as a leader is to implement a process that doesn’t work.