Ways to Succeed With Managing Stress

Ways to Succeed With Managing Stress

In this episode,I discuss using healthy habits to manage the unstoppable stress of life. So if you want to feel less stressed, be happier, and enjoy life better so you can how to mange stress in a healthy way, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

Episode Title: “Ways to Succeed With Managing Stress”

– Unhealthy ways

– Healthy ways

– The FULL cup example


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Video Transcript:

This episode is going to be all about managing the stress that we have.
[00:54] So we need to come up with good ways to manage what happens to us. there’s that saying out there that says, you know, don’t ask for an easier life. Ask for stronger shoulders to carry the burden with it.
stress is going to keep happening and it’s inevitable, it’s not going to stop.
We have to come up with good ways to manage it so it doesn’t overwhelm us.
what we’re learning is that some of the calls that we go on and becomes cumulative. in my earlier years stuff never bothered me and I’ve gotten older and had a family.
[01:39] especially dealing with young kids. you see people your age that something happens. You can relate to them. it’s a reminder of life short and, and bad things can happen because we have to appreciate the thing.
So how do we go about managing the stress? And there’s all different ways out there.
You know, I’m not a doctor, not trained in it, but I can share with what has helped me and what I’ve learned. I, I like to try different things out and see what’s going to help me out. And um, you know, there, there’s two ways to handle. There’s healthy ways and I don’t know, healthy ways.
So I want to talk about the unhealthy way first. and some of the unhealthy could be your short term at helps on the short term and what am I talking about?
[02:24] I’m talking about hitting the bottle and the bottle or pills or whatever else. Something that’s prescribed it. It’s, it’s, um, what it is, is it, it’s an, it numbs it, right? The stress is still there. Once the effects wear off or whatever was taken to help cope with it.
they say everything in moderation is okay. It’s just when it starts compounding some things. It’s a short term relief, it actually doesn’t solve the issue of managing the stress. So, so think of it as numbing when he takes up resort to something like that.
[03:08] It’s just, it just numbs it, right? It doesn’t go away, but there’s healthy ways and that’s why I want to focus on with this and I’m just going to give a few takeaways.
A lot of this is going to be trial and error on your part. what I found three main ones and then there’s other things I do, but I’m going to keep this about some three examples. And one of the biggest which is, um, I think he is going to be what we eat. How are we consuming food, you know, are we focusing on. And everyone’s got different ways of eating. Basically you gotta eat away, that’s gonna make you feel better. And what I found with me as I stick with whole foods as possible. , if I can’t grow it in my garden, if I can’t catch it in the water or find it on a farm, trying not to eat it.
[03:54] I worked with a guy and he has gone Vegan and he says he , his energy’s through the roof and he just feels better. So that worked for him. Um, I cooked up some really delicious steaks yesterday. staying away from your process stuff because it’s full of a lot of sugar and extra ingredients that you don’t realize. And here’s the thing, you don’t realize it until you start eating better of how much better your field. And um, but we had to start doing stuff to help us because we can’t resort to think of someone else is going to solve our problems. So these are key things to do. So focusing on how you’re consuming what you’re eating, right? Stick with as healthy as possible.
[04:32] Everyone’s got different definitions of it. Mine’s gonna be simple, stick with whole foods, you know, stuff you can grow or hunting. Um, and after that’s going to come exercise, there’s so many different ways out there. The biggest thing with exercise though is going to be doing whatever you enjoy because you have to do this regularly. Um, it’s not something due once a week. It’s, it’s ideally every day. Maybe it’s lifting weights, maybe it’s running, swimming, doing a sport, cycling, whatever it is. You have to find something that you’re gonna, break a sweat your heart rate up. If you’re not getting your heart rate up, you’re not getting the true benefits of it. focus on your diet and focus on exercising regularly. , some of the guys that seem to have a lot of problems are the ones who aren’t doing these good activities.
[05:18] And the third big one is meditation. And I’m going to give you guys an example of when you combine all three of these, how it goes. So I explored meditation back probably over four years ago and I’ve been doing it regularly ever since.. I practice a transcendental meditation. you can even be as simple as getting an APP though. listening to binaural beats sends you in like almost a rem sleep. set a timer so you don’t fall asleep and spend there an hour. that’s a quick way if you have trouble meditating, there’s training programs go through with it, but it’s something that if you’re not already doing, I strongly suggest you explore that. And so what happens when we put all three of these together? Quality in life, you know, I was talking about how stress is never going to stop.
[06:09] There’s always going to be something that happens and it’s going to push you over the limit. So think of it like this. I got a cup of water here, and if you’re not having the built in ways to help manage it and you’re talking about diet, exercise, and meditation, any little thing that happens to you, it’s going to push you over the edge. And when you get pushed over the edge, you lose your temper. You get upset, the cup over pills, right? That’s kind of like if you hear someone, hey, they got a short fuse but probably stressed and they’re not able to manage it well, so every little thing spills over causing the issues. So if you’re resorting to two, um, alcohol or some other things on a regular basis, there’s still overflowing, right? But it’s numb. So we need to come up with ways to manage it. As we said before, stuffs always gonna. Keep happening.
[06:59] So if you, if you try and keep that healthy lifestyle, your diet exercise, it’s going to work that well with that one. I’m giving sample. Here we go. So when you have your diet, eating right, exercise and meditation, stress is still gonna happen, right? But hopefully you’re doing all of that because if you get a good balance of it, your cups never going to overfill because the meditation exercise and your diet is going to constantly help you manage your stress. Keep it low enough so when more stuff happens, you’re not going to overflow because you’re able to manage it and keep it flowing. So that’s my little example. I hope you guys got something out of this and if you have any questions you can always shoot me a message. I prefer it to be in our facebook group Brotherhood coaching because this way we can share the message to other people.
[07:50] And um, so once again, guys stresses always. It’s never going to go away. It’s going to keep happening to us. We got to figure out healthy ways to manage it and not rely on just other people to know, I have this issue. What are you doing to help you? Because at the end of the day I learned this from a retired detective and a on a trip to Vegas in my early twenties. He goes, hey, and in the day, no one else is gonna. Look after you like you will. So look after yourselves and come up with these good habits. Help manage the stress you have. And do me a favor. If you liked this, he get something out of it. Share it on with somebody else who will appreciate it too.