What Really Upsets Me… Tips for How To Manage Being Triggered

What Really Upsets Me… Tips for How To Manage Being Triggered

In this episode, I discuss what really upsets me and how to manage the triggers that upset us.

The three main points I go over are:

  1. How I allow myself to get upset and lose my cool
  2. How to look for a lesson in everything
  3. Do not compare yourself to others.  Strive to be better than you were the day before

For more tips on managing your triggers in your firehouse, check out The Squad House

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Video Transcript:

[00:02] Have you ever gotten tired of being sick and tired and getting frustrated?
What I want to share with you is the one thing that really ticks me off.
what ticks me off the most is that I allow myself to get upset and frustrated. I get upset over things that I may not have control over or things that are outside my realm of influence.
that is what bothers me. I know I’m in control of how I respond to things yet I let them bother me.
You see when we lose our cool, we get upset, we feel like we’re out of control.
So the one way to correct that is to stay in control of your emotions. I used to think that learning and implementing different habits was going to stop myself from losing my cool.
[00:57] And what I found was it doesn’t because we were more emotional, right? You’re still gonna have those triggers that are going to happen to you. You start to learn to control them a little bit. You get frustrated a little bit less. you when you lose your cool, you not thrown anything, you’re just kinda getting a little bothered and you get over it. You start to just, it’s like you’re coming along and then you get frustrated, you get a little dip and you correct and your back. You’re good. Where if you’re not trying to take control of your emotions are or have some good habits to deal with that then you kind of hit that low and you stay down and that’s when you get miserable. And you see people like that, you know, nothing. Nothing can go good there.
[01:35] Just always miserable and no one wants to be around them, right? Because they can’t get back out and recorrect. So the thing is though, don’t beat yourself up. Right. Um, and I was starting to do that and I, you know, because I’m like, hey, why am I getting upset? I shouldn’t be. Well, you’re going to, but just don’t stay ticked off you correct.
You find there, because there’s, there’s a lesson in everything that happens to us, look for the lesson learned from it, and then correct it and do what you can to make things better because you should really only try to be a little bit better than you were yesterday.
Don’t compare yourself to somebody else because you don’t know what’s going on in their life. You have no ideal. Everything in my life know stuff might look cool here, but you know, I got some issues over here.
[02:14] We all do. So don’t compare yourself to other people. Just try to be a little bit better than you were yesterday. Maybe work out a little harder today than you did yesterday. Be a little bit nicer today than you were maybe to some people yesterday. So the only competition you have is actually just to be a little bit better than you were the person the day before. So hope you got something out of this. And um, if you did, do me favor and share it up with somebody else.