Foundations of Overcoming The “NO”

Foundations of Overcoming The “NO”

In this episode, I discuss overcoming resistance by the decision makers to implement change that you want.

  1. you want to Sell
    Facts tell, stories sell,
  2. Effort
    how hard did you try?
    Do More
  3. A confused mind will always say no
    Be Clear
    Keep it simple
    Don’t give up

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Video Transcript:

This episode is going to be about overcoming the no.
So what am I talking about? I’m talking about you’re trying to drive some change. You’re trying to make a situation better. Unfortunately you’re getting told no by someone who actually is a decision maker. So what I want to do is talk about overcoming that resistance because a lot too often a passionate people here. No, they get shot down and then they close up close up shop and they’re done.
They check out and that’s not the best way of going about it.
What you may not know is I get told no way more than I get told yes. I’ve had thoughts, ideas. I come up and either comes down to money or someone putting in the work for whatever it is.
And I get told no. But what I’ve learned is how to start getting the yeses. And what it really comes down to is, is part number one is what this is, is you have to sell.
I used to have a guy on my crew and he made a very good living selling mattresses and furniture. He would tell us some of the lines he had of how to make sales. It’s about giving that other person an emotional aha. So a good way for this is understand this facts tell, but stories sell for some reason.
You want to make that change. Well, something happened to you there. You had the epiphany moment, the Aha, and you realize, hey, this is a best practice. So you have to give that experience to the person you’re trying to sell.
If you can give that experience to them then they’re going to come to the same conclusion you did.
So remember that facts tell stories sell. You have to sell whatever you’re doing to them and using stories helps with that.
The second part is effort. How hard you actually try.
Did you volunteer to do the work?
Did you do all the leg work to where you brought the proposal to them and said, hey, this is what’s going to cost.
So you have to ask yourself, have you done enough?
What more can you do with that?
You can always do more in a situation with it. you can convince them, Hey, this is the best practice. Hey, I found a grant that’s cannot take care of those of us money.
The third thing is to understand is that a confused mind will always say no.
You have to speak in a way so others can understand clearly.
Speak at a level where someone understands because if they’re confused at all about what you’re trying to present, they’re going to say no.
So make sure you’re clear.
keep things simple as they can be.
Don’t have complicated processes and don’t give up. It’s only when you give up that the answer is always going to be no. He might get a not right now. No. Which means you got to come back to table and present a different way.
So you really had to be resilient with it. And don’t let it stop you.
Don’t let anybody take your passion away for for this job because only you can let them.