The Three Biggest Myths About New Guys

The Three Biggest Myths About New Guys

Do you know the 3 biggest myths about New Guys?

If you want to Have a new guy who understands the job then you need to read this immediately because the myths and the TRUTH about New Guys are inside this article.

Myth #1: the fire service is doomed with this next generation

Myth #2: its the departments job to make sure these new guys are squared away

Myth #3: you were awesome when you were new

Believing the fire service is doomed with this next generation hurts you because this frame of thinking shows no ownership of the situation.  Its an excuse to not get involved to help.  Nothing has ever gotten better when excuses were made.  Things get better when ownership is taken.

It has taken you however many years you have right now to have the knowledge and skills you have with this job.

So how is it fair to expect someone with only a few years on the job to know what you know?

Who’s job is to to train these new guys?

The actual reality in this situation is what are the Senior people in the firehouses doing to help the next generation?

YOU are the MENTOR they need.


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Now that you’ve accepted ownership of this vital role in developing the new guys…..

Whats the best way to go about this?

Always start with the basics.

Do the basics and time them.  Adding Time adds stress and a sense of urgency.

Have a more senior person compete or the whole crew preferably.

Leading by example goes a long way.

Some basic drill ideas:

PPE drills

Mask up drills

preconnect line to door drill

Laddering abandoned buildings

Once they demonstrate skills in these areas

Have them teach a class to the crew or the next new guy that comes through

Too often new guys are left to “raise” themselves in the fire service.

We need Senior people to step up and mentor the next generation.

Are you leaving the fire service better than you found it or just taking up a spot?


Now that you know the myths, I’d like to invite you to further discover the truth about team buidling by grabbing your (free) copy of my book “Fix Your Firehouse” CLICK HERE