The Proven Stay Influential Success System To Prevent Frustration And Burnout

The Proven Stay Influential Success System To Prevent Frustration And Burnout

You’re about to discover the secret of How to make an impact without being frustrated and losing your drive.

What I’m about to share with you is a tool I use on a regular basis.  I’ve seen too many firefighters stay frustrated over things they do not have the ability to impact.

There’s one way to stay driven and impactful and that way is to stay in your circle of influence.

We’ve created this blog post for you to give you the answers to these important questions and challenges every passionate firefighter faces:

* How important to you is the action you want to influence?

Influencing others takes work.  So if there is something bothering you and you want to change it, you have to access yourself how important is it to you to change it.  It can be very challenging to fight every fight.  There are times we must lose a few battles in hopes to win the war one day.

If you regularly make a big deal of EVERYTHING, people will eventually tune you out and label you as a whiner.

Pick your battles wisely.


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* How much time and energy are you willing to commit?

Time and energy is the key ingredient for success.  Anything worth doing will take both time and energy on your part to do it.  If it was easy someone else would have done it already.

You will soon be limited on both your time and energy if you get involved in too many things.  Make sure whatever it is that you are working on is worth the effort.

Its like the saying “is the juice worth the squeeze”.

* How often are you around the person you want to influence?

Here is the biggest part of all of this.  Do you have direct influence over the situation you are trying to change?

I have somewhat regular conversations with another “go getter” company officer about staying in “our bubble”.  We are both happy with the performance of our crews.  We typically only get frustrated over the performance of others that are not assigned to work with us.

We have to regularly remind ourselves that while we should try to influence these other people, we do not work with them enough to make the impact we would like to see.

This also goes for most complaints that are heard around the kitchen table.

Maybe its complaints over another shifts probie or a crew complaining that their officer does not train them enough.

We all have a circle of influence where we can make a successful impact on others.

We have to remember that we are most successful when we stay in this “bubble”.

Strive to not let failures frustrate you that are not inside your circle influence.

So there you have it – “The Proven Stay Influential Success System To Prevent Frustration And Burnout“.

This blog post really delivered the goods when it comes to answering these important questions and challenges every passionate firefighter faces.

BUT, as you can also see, this is just the TIP of the iceberg when it comes to How to make an impact without being frustrated and losing their drive!

So, if you’re serious about wanting to start influencing the culture of your firehouse and you want make the culture of their firehouse/fire department better, then you need to check out “Fix Your Firehouse” right now – Click Here

Have a great day!

John Lovato Jr.