Do you have any recommendations on team building exercises?

Do you have any recommendations on team building exercises?

Earlier this week I had someone ask some questions on team building. They said that was one of the sections that they really liked in the book Fix Your Firehouse. I figured why not just do a post and maybe other people have this question with this.

Team building is multiple people overcoming an obstacle together.

Think about where does team building come from? Sports. You have a group of individuals, maybe football, baseball, basketball, whatever it is, group of individuals have a common goal and they have to overcome something, win the game.

Well, same thing goes with our profession, right? We have a group of firefighters in a station. We have to overcome goals whether it be medical calls, helping somebody out, whether it be a structure fire working as a team.


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Everything we do basically revolves around teamwork. If you want to do some team building exercise, what’s the best?

That would be some type of training where everyone has got to pull their weight in it to make it successful.

The biggest part with the team building is having that mutual goal.

The thing I really want you to take away from this is team building can be as simple as you want it to be.

Don’t over think it. Team building can be as simple as doing drill together or playing a game of basketball and can be as complicated as taking trips, whatever the case may be with it. But don’t over complicate it. Just try to overcome something together as a crew and meet that common goal.

So what this means to you in your life is now that you have the template for team building, you can implement it easily.

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