Real World Firehouse & Family Balance Tips That Work Like Crazy

Real World Firehouse & Family Balance Tips That Work Like Crazy

Do you want to know the 3 important Firehouse & Family Balance tips every firefighter should know to be successful in the firehouse and with their family?

If you’re a firefighter who wants to know the important tips to be successful in the firehouse and with their family without giving so much to the job that your home life suffers then you need to read this immediately to take your Firehouse & Family Balance to the next level.

Firehouse & Family Balance Tip #1: Be PRESENT

We here alot about being present these days.  This is due to all the distractions technology has afforded us.  Look around at restaurants.  Look around in Firehouses.  How many people were engrossed in their phone?

Its an easy habit to form and a hard one to break.  Most people think they are busy.  They are busy consuming content on their phones.  To be present, you need to be disciplined.

For starters, limit your leisure phone activity to a specific amount of time or only when you accomplished big item to do’s.  This goes for home life and work life.

When you are at the firehouse.  Be at the firehouse.  The best thing I have done is accept the fact that I am at work for 24 hours.  If we run for 24 hours, then so be it.  If my uniform changes to a pink shirt and capri’s (yikes) then so be it.  I’m getting paid and I have a job to do.  It might not be the way I would run it, but its not the “John Lovato, Jr. Fire Department”.  I have a boss and my boss has a boss and so on.

Now for me to be present at the firehouse like that, then I have to be equally present at home.  Firehouse work stays at the firehouse.  No email checking was a big help with this.

When I’m home, I’m home.  Play with the kids and interact with the wife.

This was a hard adjustment for me since I used to be a 24/7 Firefighter.  Always staying in contact and trying to work on ways to make things better.

This will take a toll on your family if you continue like this.

Its no different than the opposite effects seen by the ones who do little to nothing while on duty.  Their professional career suffers when they do not work on it.

Our home lives will suffer if we do not work on them also.

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Firehouse & Family Balance Tip #2: Date Your Family

This means going out for dinner, going to a museum, going ice skating, fishing, beach, anything that involved being together and sharing an experience.

This tip is priceless because this keeps things from becoming routine.  It helps set small goals to achieve as a family.

Here’s how to put this tip to work for you, start with going on family dates once per month.  Then evolve into once per week if you can.  The big thing here is to make whatever you do a sustainable habit.

Firehouse & Family Balance Tip #3: Every Firefighter Conference equals a Family Vacation

Do you go to conferences, trainings, or seminars?  I do.  There are so many to choose from now a days.

How many conferences did you go to compared to family vacations?

Investing in professional development is key to staying engaged and becoming better.

How much are you investing in your family development though?

Here’s how to put this tip to work for you.  For every conference you go to, plan a family trip.  I know a guy that would plan the family trip before the conference.  This way he “invested” in his family before the work trip.

Everyone’s emotional bank account was full before he left, so it went over better.


I’m going to share with you something personal.

I love being a firefighter.

I however will not let my love for this job ruin my relationship with my children and wife.

I’ve seen it happen to others.

I have cut back on the amount of conferences I go to.

I have cut back on my side job at the fire academy.

We all have to make sacrifices for what we want to achieve.


If you do nothing else, just be PRESENT for your family when you are home and for your crew and citizens when you are at the firehouse.

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