The Truth About Taking Things Personally

The Truth About Taking Things Personally


If you’re ready to feel less trapped by other peoples opinions, then this taking things personally tip holds the keys you need if you want to avoid having to worry about what others think about them and feel like they must always walk on eggshells around others.

#1 Taking Things Personally Tip : Do Not Take Anything Personally 

The bottom line with this tip is Stop taking what other people think or say about you personally. You only take it personally when you agree with whatever was said. Peoples opinions of us are just a reflection of that person. It actually has nothing to do with us. A great example is when a person achieves something that you wish you would’ve have achieved. If you have ever thought negatively about that person for their success it is because your own ego was hurt so you look for reasons why that person is not as successful. A phrase one of my guys has said in the past that reflects this is “people are happy you are doing good, just not better than them.”.

So, this means You do not have to take offense to anything anymore unless you want to. When you take things personally you are assuming everything is about yourself. This is a selfish act. Do you know anyone that every day seems to have some new thing that upsets them and is the reason they are suffering? .

This is important because when you let go of the idea that other’s people’s opinions are a reflection of you, you set yourself up for happiness and success. Conflict comes from defending your beliefs which is a reaction to feeling offended when you take things personally. So how does reducing conflict in your life sound? .

So the thing for you to do here is to remember what you have learned here. Do not make assumptions and do not take things personally. Most sadness comes from those two things. You can become immune to gossip and haters by making a decision not to take things personally anymore. .

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