The Quick And Easy Way To Spend Less Time Being Frustrated

The Quick And Easy Way To Spend Less Time Being Frustrated


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Every firefighter wants to spend less time being frustrated and that’s a fact! Here is a tip that will guide ANY firefighter who needs to change the story that they keep telling themselves that takes them down the wrong path.

Tip: Stop Thinking Everything Is 100% True

The big a-ha for you with this is that the world is a projected image of our thoughts. So when you assume all the negative gossip you hear is true, you start viewing the situation it is about in a negative way. Most likely this puts you in a crappy mood also. .

So, here’s what this means: you can instantly keep an upbeat attitude when you hear negative gossip. .

You need to understand this tip is key because we waste way too much time being upset or disgruntled in situations where what we are upset about never happened. .

So the next step for you here is to ask yourself if you know that what you just heard is 100% absolutely true. Odds are it is not and it is only being spread because it is dramatic and negative.

Here’s a trick I’ve done. You like pineapples? I love pineapples. They are sweet, juicy, and delicious. Guess what? You are thinking about how amazing something is right now and nothing negative. You’re welcome….

Changing your thoughts, Changes your mood.

Maybe a you just needs a jump start (or a swift kick) to get moving with changing your story. Maybe this article will be just the thing to help you move ahead ASAP and spend less time being frustrated. As you move forward, don’t forget the tip you learned from us. They will definitely help you achieve the goals of a successful firefighter without having to keep believing that everything they hear is true.

And here’s one more thing before I forget. Did you realize, if you’ve ever wanted a whole lot more detail about changing your story, this free book “Fix Your Firehouse” has the answers every firefighter needs.

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