Driving Choices with Experiences

Driving Choices with Experiences

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A lot of job is learned by experiences.

We call this “On The Job” Learning.

We learn what works from success we have

and We learn what doesn’t work from failure we have.

These experiences help us evolve over time to become better.

But guess what?

We all have different experiences along our career.

These experiences could be from calls or trainings you’ve attended over the years.

So how can you get others to understand a better way if they have not had the same experience as you?

I’m mean lets face it,

If we all had the same experiences,

We would be acting pretty similar.

Thats not the case though

This weeks episode I discuss Sharing your ideas and experiences in a way that makes change.

I share the following stories to help:

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  • You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink…..so make him thirsty on the way there
  • How the a radio strap study made change
  • How my wife was ruining pans with cold water


The biggest take away I want everyone to get is:

“You have to convince people emotionally first before they’ll be excited by your logic”
– Russell Brunson

Keep this in mind when you are sharing your ideas and experiences with others.

The reason you bought into the way you are doing things is because you
were convinced emotionally first.

This is what I like to call an “a-ha” moment.

Give the other person an “a-ha” moment,

So they want to do something as oppose to being forced to do something.

– John