Going from ME to WE

Going from ME to WE

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The other day, I was doing my daily reading and I came across this story:

It was the story of heaven vs hell.

In both stories, the people’s hands are made out of long cutlery.

So long that they cannot feed themselves.

In hell the people are unable to lift food to their mouths using their cutlery hands, and are starving.

In heaven, the people feed one another across the table and are full.

The story can encourages people to be kind to each other and to work as a TEAM.

This story got me thinking of when we get frustrated around our firehouse.

Most of the time it is because we are focused on ourselves.
We don’t like something that is happening which affects us.
Maybe we don’t like something that doesn’t affect us.

Things will only get better when we turn our focus to the whole TEAM.
Ask yourself: “how can I make the situation better?”

Focus on the result of making the situation better.
Not on who should or should not be doing what.

We all have our roles to play on the Team.

The more we take ownership of issues and work to solve the problem.

The less problems and frustrations there will be.

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John Lovato, Jr.