“The Beginners’ Guide For Brotherhood Coaching’s Purpose”

“The Beginners’ Guide For Brotherhood Coaching’s Purpose”

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The other day my crew had one of THOSE days.

Like anyone else we like routine.

This day was anything but.

Both my units were separated either in a TANTALIZING HR class (insert sarcasm)

or covering other stations. 

A steady stream of calls is normal but not being separated and caught up with the less desirable duties of our profession.  

I’ll hand it to the guys though, they made the best of it.

So this brings me to this weeks episodes topic of the beginner’s guide to Brotherhood Coaching.

I discussed using Brotherhood Coaching to help you stay into the job.

Why stay into the job?

if you want to stay engaged, be satisfied, and stay in the fight against negativity and complacency so you can wage war on your day, this will help!

It comes down to who you surround yourself with and fighting the frustration.

Listen.  I was not in the best of moods on this day.  

I knew it.  My crew knew it.

We are HUMAN.  

We realized it. And will make sure not to make it a normal attitude.

So surround yourself with good people.  

Build each other up.

Forgive yourself when you falter.

It can be challenging at times to stay positive but you make the experience much better when you do.

Dont just view yourself as a firefighter for your department.

View yourself as a firefighter in the fire service.

Anyways if you’re not already apart of the close facebook group, you can join HERE.

Otherwise, enjoy your weekend.

See you soon,

John Lovato, Jr.

Author, Fix Your Firehouse
Creator, Company Officer Logbook
Founder, Brotherhood Coaching