“How to How To Stay Positive And Make Everything Work Better At Work And In Life Like a Pro”

“How to How To Stay Positive And Make Everything Work Better At Work And In Life Like a Pro”

In this post, I discuss doing the opposite of what most do when they get frustrated.

So if you want to be happier, solve the issues they are having, and keep high morale of their crew so you can how to stay positive and make everything work better at work and in life, keep reading!

In this post, you’ll discover:

– The major misconceptions about problem solving that cause firefighters to take the wrong path and waste months, if not years, of effort

– The perfect mindset every firefighter should have about problem solving that virtually guarantees their success

What misconception am I talking about? If you’ve been on the job any length of time, you’ve experienced frustration with ranks above you. What was your response to your frustration?

Did you disengage?
Call it quits?


Did you help get the result you wanted by doing more work than you thought you should have to?
Did you regroup and flank the decision maker to get buy in to whatever you wanted?

Unfortunately, most of us disengage when we get frustrated.

We throw our hands up and go through the motions.

This won’t get the results we want.

To get what we want, we have to do the work necessary to achieve it.

No mater what our opinion is of what we should or should not have to do.

I say this because when I’ve gotten frustrated and quit, I never got what I wanted.

However, when I’ve decided to do more work than maybe I think I should have to, I ended up getting that result I wanted.

This job is too great not to enjoy it. I hate seeing frustrated firefighters.

This is why I created the book “Fix Your Firehouse”.

To provide a template for others to follow to be successful.

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Anyways, this was just a short segment from the video I did on this very subject.

Watch the whole video HERE.