Angry Keyboard Commandos

Angry Keyboard Commandos

Yesterday, I was on the Fire Engineering Facebook Page and I came across my blog post from earlier this week:

The blog post was based on the Live Video I did this past week in our Facebook Group.

Remember “School Yard Bully”

The point of the post was to talk about the challenges we face from supervisors and subordinates who become bullies.

I”m sure we can all remember a time when a supervisor bullied us but how about a subordinate?

Let me ask you, Is insubordination bullying?

I think so. Theres better ways to go about things.

Sometimes instead of going head on with someone,
its better to flank them.

Basically, build rapport and relationship so we can influence not demand.

Well there are some interesting reactions to this blog post.

Check it out for yourself HERE

I learned awhile back never to engage responses like this.

No one is immune to opinions of others. Just remember, they are opinions from that person. They are not a true reflection of the situation.

John Lovato, Jr.

Author, Fix Your Firehouse
Creator, Company Officer Logbook
Founder, Brotherhood Coaching

I give you the Week In Review:

How was your Christmas?

Fun, Relaxing, Hectic, Crazy ?

Mine was fun but alot work also

lets face it though,

What worth having isnt work?


School Yard Bully Video

I’m tired of wasting my time.

I’ve wasted too much time getting upset or worrying about issues.

Issues only become issues when we make them be.

How much time have you wasted worrying about things out of your control?

Imagine the possibility if i told you that when you get stressed or frustrated over something not going the way you want it…..

….its just an opportunity for you to grow by doing more.

We grow when we are stressed.

We seem to constantly try to avoid stress but this is where we push ourselves.

if little things are constantly stressing you out, then you are not pushing yourself enough.

Start watching what upsets people at work.
It can become comical how emotional people get over little things.

What little things are you getting worked up about?


Department pride starts with company pride

My Christmas gift this year to my crew was a custom helmet shield with our company number and their names on them.

They were a big hit.

I’ve actually been wanting to this for awhile and finally pulled the trigger on it.

My buddy also got the same for his crew.

They loved them too.

A guy who isn’t on his crew was present and the first thing he said was “are we allowed the have custom shields?”

This brings up a good point

There’s no policy that’s States we can or we can’t

So why worry about it

It’s ok to have company pride

You will draw attention though

Soon enough others will follow

So make sure for 2018

You put yourself out there and attract the right attention

Set the standard for your department

It’s worth it

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