Schoolyard Bully

Schoolyard Bully

Odds are at One point in time you’ve experienced encountering a bully by now. My nephew had been dealing with a bully in school and of course he followed what he was told and went to the teacher. Surprise nothing really ever happened with it unfortunately. It got to the point where he had to get physical and stood up to his bully.

What did he learn, well going the proper route doesn’t work and he had to stand up for himself. And a lot of times, as a child, unfortunately altercations turn physical. However as we get to become adults and we have to deal with bullies, we can’t get physical anymore. You go to jail, right?
So why am I talking about bullies? At times, a Boss can act like a bully. This is displayed when a Boss is always throwing a policy in your face to enforce instead of getting you to have buy in. But there’s another area you can experience a bully, a subordinate can be a bully also. Insubordination is nothing more than a different form of bullying.

Everyone’s got a boss. I got a boss, my battalion chiefs got a boss, my fire chief has a boss, and our city government has a boss, the public. So at the end of the day we all have to remember that we all got someone to answer to. So if you don’t want to experience your boss bullying you, don’t be insubordinate. To be a good leader, you first have to be a good follower. A lot of frustrations I see is when people forget where they’re at in the pecking order. Do you want to get things accomplished? Because you actually get a lot more done when you go with the flow and get some buy-in for things instead of bucking everything.

People aren’t going to come to you if you are always a pain in the ass. But if you try and help out, make things better then every now you’ll get to contribute your two cents to change some stuff. The higher ups might listen a little bit more. A good book to get out there is how to win friends and influence people. People are going to do what you ask when you’re friends with them and you’re nice to them as opposed to being an asshole. So channel your energy.

Don’t be a bully.
Don’t be insubordinate bully.
Don’t be a boss Bully.

Work with people.
Build your influence with people.