Week In Review 1720: Surprising Life Lesson From Blue Bloods

Week In Review 1720: Surprising Life Lesson From Blue Bloods

Earlier today I was watching Blue Bloods as I was feeding my son Liam. I just started the show, so I’m on the first season.

One of the most interesting scenes is where Tom Selleck’s Character mentions that there is no opportunity without risk.

That’s really a lot like how we all act in the fire service. Think about a house fire. We take a risk for the opportunity to save a life and property.

How about when we try to improve things?

Theres an opportunity for a better way but theres risk.

Risk of putting ourselves out there. Risk of being disliked.
Risk of failing.

Don’t let risk deter an opportunity for something great though.

Maybe I’m geeking out on this a bit…

But when you’re as immersed as I am into the job you just start seeing these little lessons everywhere… even in popular shows.

I write a lot more about taking risks for a great opportunity in Fix Your Firehouse. Check it out here

John Lovato, Jr.

Author, Fix Your Firehouse
Creator, Company Officer Logbook
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I give you the Week In Review:

“Show Me The Results”

This is your new “go to” response” when dealing with resistance, naysayers, and the status quo.

Repeat after me:

“Show me the results”

You see this phrase is all about facts, not opinion.

You are making your opponent step onto the playing field and perform.

There’s no hiding.

Produce the result or shut the fuck up.

Those of us who are trying to make things better know that we must produce results to get buy in.

However the status quo thinks their opinion is enough.

No more.

Push them onto the playing field and out of the cheap seats with the following phrase:

“Show me the results”


“We’re under attack”

Is this how you feel when you put yourself out there?

Is this why you dont put yourself out there?

I’ve been witness to this soo many times and i’m sure you have also.

Someone, maybe even you, is trying to make things better and the whole time they are working hard….

Someone else is bashing everything they do.

What if i told you that once you understand why….

You’ll never worry about what others say about you.

Think of it like an urban city.

If you are trying to make yourself or your surroundings better, its like building a tall building.

Soon you’ll be taller than all the other buildings.

So the only way to be equal to you is to big a bigger building…


The easier way.

Tear all the other buildings down.

This is exactly what happens.


Wont put the work in to make things better

So they take the easy way, and tear others down.

Remember this next time you’re victim to being torn down


The next time you find yourself tearing another person down.


“Speed of Implementation”

Watch Video Here

Remember when life seemed simpler

When what we focused on was which bar are we going to tonight

Then we get older and what more

We want to promote
We want a family

Things get more complicated

I know i’ve struggled as things get more complicated
I cant go to the gym whenever i want
I cant just take off without packing everyone up
or maybe its finding a sitter for the dogs…..yes dogs….3 big ones…anyone want them??

The point is, the more you want, the more complicated things may get

so you have to adapt

I started waking up super early just to get to the gym before my wife went to work

That evolved into me building a gym in my garage….I was waking up too damn early

Having a family is hard

But what in your life worth having hasnt been hard?

As much as we dont like change, we really have to change if we want to continue to grow

This morning there was a million things i wanted to do….rocking my fussing son wasnt one of them…

that wasnt his fault though
it was mine
for focusing on other things instead of him

I learned a lesson this morning

At times, what we focus on is what is frustrating us

if i was focusing on my son this morning, i wouldnt have been so frustrated

Watch what you focus on.
It might be the cause of all your headaches



Its easy to focus on where we fail

Lets focus on our wins

What is something that you can celebrate a win in?

Maybe its changing a hoseload to make a quicker deployment….

Developed a program that betters morale

How about finally getting the Chiefs to buy into something you have been working very hard on

Whatever the win is