Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself

Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself

Hello brotherhood coaching. Now you have to answer some questions before you’re approved to join. There are three questions that I ask you to get a better idea of what you want out of the group to give me a better idea of what to give to everyone so we all can keep progressing. I like it. And you know, that’s the way to get in. If you don’t ask questions, you’re not getting it. So just because people request to enter this group doesn’t mean you make it. I’d make sure that everyone is a fireman and it looks like they’re going to be a good fit. So today’s video is going to be about becoming a better version of yourself because you have to want it. If you’re going to do it and it really starts with an end goal.

Where do you want to see yourself? Then you have to create the daily disciplines or habits and keep repeating them and then you’re going to get closer and closer. Just like working out, you can’t go to the gym one day and be as fit as you want to be. You can’t go read one book and just be done with it. You can’t go to one fire and have all the experience, you have to keep gaining the experience. And really it’s, it’s a never ending journey. So the biggest thing is, what do you want? You want to be better, to have a better work life balance and relationships at home. Do you want to work on your mindset or being a better fireman. Maybe if you’re teaching or coaching, whatever the case may be, make yourself better. So you got to come up with these little daily habits. Repeat that constantly. Think of the daily habits as step forward. You know, there’s a book called how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Well, how you reach the goal? It’s going to be one step at a time everyday. Repeat it and you’re closer and closer.

Lot of people get discouraged though because they don’t see the progress. So that’s where you have to set yourself up some little wins along the way. You can go, Hey, I’m getting closer, or no, I’m not. This could be keeping tallies of your workouts. I’m actually benching more, squatting more, or as able to do this in a better timeframe and I feel better. With work, it’s seeing things go a little bit more your way or people coming to you going, hey, what book do you think we should have on this promotional exam? Or what training should we put on? At home, maybe it’s the way your spouse is treating or your kids are acting around you. So the other part is set up these little goals that you have to collect low-hanging fruit. I’m actually getting closer to this and it keeps you going.

Otherwise a lot of times we will get frustrated and quit because we don’t see the progress right away. Nothing happens right away. So the biggest thing right now, I want you to ask yourself what do you want, know when you will get there, and how you can score your progress. Start today.. Stop making excuses. You’re not going to do it tomorrow. Start today and do what you can with what you have. Maybe you got some type of injuries. You can’t work out as hard. You do what you can do.

One thing I’ve learned along the way is its never going to be the right time. if you wanna wait til things are perfect, you’re never going to do it. So just start and then you make it better along the way. Maybe it’s, the way you write, the way you teach, whatever it is. When I first started teaching, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I had instructor 1, that didn’t teach me how to teach, what taught me how to teach was teaching, and then actually getting with a group of guys that are better teachers and mirroring them and then make my own style along the way. Practice makes perfect, so the more you do something the better you’ll be at it.