Treating Toxic Teammates (5 of 5)

Treating Toxic Teammates (5 of 5)

5.Lack of self pride/ station pride

Well lets first ask ourselves “where does pride come from?”

Do you have pride?

I can tell you that I have pride.
I have pride because I enjoy what I do.
I enjoy what I do, because i’m good at it.

Pride comes from confidence.

Confidence comes from performing well at something time and time again.

So when you see lack of self pride or station pride, theres a confidence issue going on with the person.
A peacock is a proud animal who promptly displays its colors as it struts around.
The peacock attracts attention though.
People with little confidence don’t want attention.

If you really want to work on helping someone increase their pride, help them with their confidence.
Help them be good.
They’re provably shy and don’t want to screw up in front of people.
Help them not screw up.

We learn in conflict resolution that there is always an underlying issue that you can’t see.
I hope you have noticed that the same goes for all of this week’s examples.

We can actually fix a lot of the issues we come across by treating the underlying issues.

We fight fire with water, not more fire.

This is another way of saying, don’t get upset, don’t get angry.

Be the bigger person, Help those who need the helping hand.