Week in Review 1717

Week in Review 1717

What a week!  We had a lot of engagement with the poll that was done on Wednesday in our Facebook Group.  As a result there will be a mini series of posts all next week on “Treating Toxic Teammates”.  Be sure to check it out.  Below is a recap of our posts this week from the group.

I give you the Week In Review:
MondayHow come when it comes to the fireground, we don’t make excuses and make shit happen?

All the while, we make excuses not to step up and make things happen around our firehouse or fire dept?

What’s holding you back?


Fine. You have my permission. Now make shit happen.

Stop limiting yourself.

Right now. Do whatever it is you e been wanting to do. Don’t worry about being perfect. Just make it happen.


Is it possible that my 2 year old daughter and 1 month old son are conspiring against my wife and I?

Just as we get one settle down and asleep, the other starts fussing.

Honestly it has gotten to the point that it’s comical…

Anyways, the point of the story is that 8 am now feels like 4 am. I took my shot (double) of espresso and pushed through today’s workout.

And low and behold, I feel accomplished and actually energetic.

What I learned today was pushing through what you know you need to do will give you what you want.

Do the work.
Reap the benefits.

***Pain in the Ass***
What is the biggest frustration you are having?
If fixed, would make life much easier for you.

Top 3 Responses:

  1. Cancerous individuals
  2. Cancerous station/department culture
  3. Lack of focus on operational readiness

Well looks like the #1 Pain in the Ass is “Cancerous Individuals”.

How would you all like a series of posts next week on dealing with cancerous individuals?

If you do, what specific issues are these people causing you?


Do you want to treat toxic teammates?

Then share with me what pain points you are having that is caused by a toxic teammate/cancerous individual.
I want to make sure I touch on pain points to make this mini series valuable to you.

The goal is to have a pain point explained each day, so lets shoot for at least 5 pain points caused by a toxic teammate/cancerous individual.

Everyone who submits a pain point, not just submitting a vote for a point point, will be entered into a raffle this evening to receive their choice of:

– signed copy of Fix Your Firehouse or
– a Company Officer Logbook or
– Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve Brotherhood coaching Shirt (size L or XL only)

Top responses in order:

  1. Negativity- Holding a bad attitude and spreading it to younger members of the department,
  2. CHANGE a Technique or Task:That’s NOT how I learned it and we DONT do that way here (your New way … the modern way Your showing us)…!
  3. Lack of professionalism . AKA not knowing equipment on the truck. Not knowing how much hose we carry or what our nozzles are rated at.etc
  4. Complacency- not being prepared physically and mentally and unwilling to do anything about it.
  5. Lack of self pride/ station pride
  6. Breeders of complacency
  7. Lack of professionalism which breeds disrespectful attitudes and defiance due to entitlement issues
  8. Double standards
  9. Lack of love for the craft. I.e not caring to know why our history is relevant to our job today.
  10. Focus on minor infractions, such as facial hair or untucked shirt, but then not be able to throw a ladder or stretch a line
  11. Micromanagement; failure to delegate and then complaining that nobody will get anything done.

John Lovato, Jr.

Author, Fix Your Firehouse
Creator, Company Officer Logbook
Founder, Brotherhood Coaching