Week in Review 1715

Week in Review 1715

Exciting news!!!  My son was discharged from the NICU this weekend and is now home with his family.  Its crazy how something so simple as having my whole family under the same roof has been all thats been on my mind for awhile.  It really does come down to the simple things in life.

Brotherhood Coaching Live Audio continues to be well received by you, the listeners, and so I thank you for listening to these daily journal entries that I broadcast out to the public.

I give you the Week In Review:
MondayComplaining comes from stress, the stress is from anxiety over a situation you have no control over. If you have no control then why stress and why complain?”



Life lesson from a Probie

“I’m a leader, not a savior”

Peoples actions reveal what they really want.

Watch what they do not what they say.


Shit happens.

We can choose to be victims of our circumstances,


We can choose to overcome the extra obstacles we were given in life.

It all comes down to how much fight you’ve got.



What happens when we don’t have instant results?

We lose motivation?

This is why discipline is so good important.

Discipline kicks in when motivation quits.

Discipline will always be there if we use it.

Trust the process.
Keep going.

Story time ?


Who’s in control when you lose your cool?

Your emotions.

Emotional people make poor decisions.
Uncontrolled emotions start fights, end careers, ruin relationships, and take lives.

Keep control of your emotions to stay in control of the situation.

The story ?


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