Week in Review 1710

Week in Review 1710

Brotherhood Coaching Live Audio continues to be well received by you, the listeners, and so I thank you for listening to these daily journal entries that I broadcast out to the public.

I give you the Week In Review:

https://www.facebook.com/brotherhoodcoaching/videos/1566948236684280/The way you judge someone is a reflection of YOU

not them.

Haters tend to hate in an effort to find a reason you are not better than them.

It’s an insecurity response.
It’s not a true interpretation of you.
Just them dealing with their own issues.

Don’t buy into to others issues


What do you do with your frustrations?

Do you channel it to complaining?

Do you use it to make a positive impact?

2 Choices

Its one or the other

Keep it bad or make it better

Whats your choice?


What stops progress?
Bottlenecks created by selfish wants.
To let others grow, get out of their way.
Listen below



The results you say you want are on the other side of the work you need to do.
We get frustrated when we do not see results.
Since the results we are not seeing come from the work we are not doing, why get frustrated?
Less talking and more doing
Is the start to your happiness.


Experience comes from failures
Failures come from lack of experience.
Most things I do for the first time do not work out as well as I had hoped.
This is a normal trend that we tend to forget.
When babies first walk, what happens? They fall and get back up until they finally get the hang of walking. They don’t quit and just crawl the rest do their lives.
So when you are doing something new, don’t give up after a few failed attempts. Regroup and reengage.
Gain some experience by practicing this new skill.
It’s only a failure when you don’t learn anything from it.

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John Lovato, Jr.

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