Week in Review 1708

Week in Review 1708

I’m a little late with this one.  I was up in Chicago for my cousins wedding.

I’ll be at the Fort Lauderdale Fire Expo this coming weekend.  Shoot me a message if you’ll be there.

I give you the Week In Review:

Are you sick and tired of the same B.S. ?
Consider it a sign to do something.
Get involved.
Make something happen.

Tuesday  Listen Here 

Some times we have to work harder to get the results that come easier for others
You never know the challenges people have
Taking a judger mindset will lead down the wrong path
We don’t know others stories and they don’t know ours


Timing will never be perfect
You’ll never feel more like doing something
The only way to get things done that you want is to do them.
Discipline is the missing ingredient for most
When we don’t feel like doing something is when you actually need to do it

Thursday  Listen Here

Taking action will cause growth and happiness
We are not meant to just sit around and exist
We are meant to produce results

Friday  Listen Here

Our issues are from our perspective.
We make them issues based on how we are looking at the situation.
Only when we are aware can we fix the issue.

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John Lovato, Jr.

Author, Fix Your Firehouse
Creator, Company Officer Logbook
Founder, Brotherhood Coaching

P.S.  I’ll be presenting “If not you, then who?” at the Great Florida Fire School this November in Fort Myers.  Get signed up and join me.  Heres the link to sign up.