Week in Review 1704

Week in Review 1704

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Brotherhood Coaching Live Audio continues to be well received by you, the listeners, and so I thank you for listening to these daily journal entries that I broadcast out to the public.

I give you the Week In Review for :

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Are you pushing yourself?

That feeling of pressure comes from pushing yourself.

Boredom comes from lack of a challenge and lack of effort.

You’re on the right track if you feel pressure to accomplish

If you’re bored, you can fix that, give more effort, take on more responsibility.

Bored kids in school act out
So do adults


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Everything in moderation.
Our bodies quickly adapt.
This is why you need more of something after time goes by of using it.
To break the pattern you must make change.
What pattern do you need to break in your life?


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Just because someone loses their temper with you,
Doesn’t mean you have to lose yours.
Maintaining control of your emotions gives you the upper hand in the situation.
Only you are in control of your emotions.


Did you get a chance to attend the free webinar “If not you then who?”

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All your headaches, pains, and stress are signs that it’s time to change and grow.

All of these episodes and more can be found on the Brotherhood Coaching Facebook Page.  They are also all organized in a post in the Brotherhood Coaching Facebook Group.

John Lovato, Jr.

Author, Fix Your Firehouse
Creator, Company Officer Logbook
Founder, Brotherhood Coaching

P.S.  I’ll be presenting “If not you, then who?” at the Great Florida Fire School this November in Fort Myers.  Get signed up and join me.  Heres the link to sign up.