Week in Review 1702

Week in Review 1702


Brotherhood Coaching Live Audio continues to be well received by you, the listeners, and so I thank you for listening to these daily journal entries that I broadcast out to the public.

I give you the Week In Review for :  August 5th-11th
The reason you tear others down?

The reason you look for faults?


It’s bruised.

Get over it.

When we are jealous,
We are weak.

Be strong
Keep your ego and in check

Do work
Make shit happen

It’s easy to get wrapped up in life.

Worries about past issues.
Anxious about future encounters.

Some days just focus on today and enjoy those around you.


Click here to listen to whole audio clip“We will take it from here”

Have you picked up where others have left.

The story that started this journey.

Be your departments Captain America

Everyone is waiting for that person

So be that person and lead the way.


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Life’s commitment is represented daily.

Your commitment to your fitness, family, faith, and the fire service.

When you get frustrated it is because you experienced a lack of commitment on someone else’s part.

You have two choices.

Accept their level of commitment
Get involved and make it better

Stop getting worked up if you do not plan on committing to making something better.


Click here to listen to whole audioBeware

Of the overly critical

They are the ones looking for fault in others.

Do you do this?
Do you know why you do this?

Bruised Ego

That person is doing something you weren’t picked for or didn’t have the courage to do.

We all have faults.
Stopped looking for faults in others.

Spend that time making yourself better


Click here to listen to whole audioWinning.

When you win a game
Score #1 in a challenge
Or get your way

What do you focus on?

The win?
The effort put in to win?

That satisfaction you feel is from the effort , the journey,not the win, the destination.

Focus on the effort.
If you didn’t win,
Learn a lesson and get back after it.

Repeat often.

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– John

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